Living on the Water
Welcome aboard this new and exciting world of floating homes. I know some people think of them as houseboats but as the majority of float homes are motor-less, I prefer float homes or floating homes because after all – that is what they are - homes! Ranging from wee little quaint 400-square feet to spacious three level 3,000 square feet, they do come in all sizes and shapes to fit your needs and budget. The first thing you have to ask yourself is whether you are up to the challenges of being gently rocked to sleep, viewing amazing sunsets from your door, visiting with your resident ducks, swans – not to mention the hatch of baby ducklings in your flower pot.
view from inside 3473 West River Road

My role is to make you comfortable with the new terms and concept of living on the water in a floating home instead of a house or condo. One of the biggest things to get used to, if you are not already a boater, is facing the sometimes inclement weather as you schlepp your groceries down from your garage or parking. It won’t take long to figure out that each time you leave your float home, or take out the trash and recycling, that you take it in manageable amounts. Don’t forget that the majority of float homes on the lower mainland are tidal and will rise and fall twice a day with the tide.
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Cruise around my float home site and if you would like additional information on anything please get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to answer your questions. I look forward to introducing you to this magical alternate life style of float homes and life on the water.


Call me: Mobile: 604-788-9727 or Office: 604-943-3110 - Email: ricki@floathomesales.com

“How do you buy a house half a country away? You retain Ricki Willing. Ricki was absolutely wonderful with us. Ricki knew we were just kicking the tires but she significantly helped us focus and was so gracious with her time and energy, that when we saw what we wanted, we bought it right away. Ricki was very helpful in negotiating the long-term lease and closing. She worked out a great deal for us. Ricki is the absolute perfect resource. A fabulous woman, very friendly, very capable and responsible for our greatest success."

Dave Bahrynowski

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