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Ricki Willing

Often clients ask me how I became so immersed in marketing floating homes and this is my story. My husband Garry, a retired RCMP, had tonsil cancer 10-years ago at which time we were living on the beach in Tsawwassen. His situation was dire to say the least and we had no idea how life would look from then on. He had always been interested in floating homes and we almost bought one a few years earlier but we were looking after my little grandson at the time. Knowing the Fraser River flowed very fast, we didn’t want to take any chances, hence we moved to Beach Grove. Rather then living on the water, we did the next best thing lived right next to it.

I did some research on the float homes and did what so many of my potential clients want to do and that is, test drive float home living so I found us one to rent. We sold our beach house, Garry’s health was very fragile but stable, and my grandson was back living with his mom so we moved to Canoe Pass Village. Over the next three years, we lived in two different float homes and loved every minute of it. The biggest thing to get used to is what goes in must come out so we became very conscious of taking out the garbage, recycling etc. whenever we were going up the dock. While the trip down seemed long initially, it soon became second nature – and speaking of nature it is all around you, every time you step out the door. There is an abundance of wild life including swans, eagles and ducks, not to mention the salmon and crab that we so enjoyed.

The breathtaking views from our homes were ever-changing due to the fluctuation of tide and current and the seasons. It was like watching a documentary on nature in slow motion. Sunsets - cannot even be described - you just have to see them. Our boat, which was tied up to the door, often was our form of transportation. Be it for a sight seeing cruise, picking up groceries in Steveston or going for dinner at our favorite restaurant. Both Garry and I believe this move was a major contributor to his recovery.

Why aren’t we living on a float home at this time? We were spoiled – we know what we want and we are waiting for the opportunity to present itself.

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"I have known Ricki for many years. She helped me with my first float home, did all the negotiations and organized a turn-key effort. Ricki is extremely efficient, always applies herself and puts a lot of energy into her work. I changed my mind more than once and Ricki was always so gracious about it. She is very flexible but dots all her "i's" and makes sure everything is covered. I can rely on Ricki completely; she is an exceptional and knowledgeable professional realtor."

Joyce Holland

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